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go Are any age female & male naturally attract each other?
go How can you live without money and girlfriend. Help me out by sending answer to OLAYALE message box
go What would you do if you found out your partner has cheated on you?
go Would you die for your partner?
go Wat is l0ve?
go What does a girl attracted to?
go Why does love exist?
go Isn't Lyf s0 uNfair?u tUrn 0ut 2 luv sUm1 hu cUd n0t luv u juSt d samE...
go women only does size mater.
go In a situation lyk ths wot would u opt 2 do
go Who cares most?
go Have u ever cheated on your partner?
go How will u show a woman of ur heart who does not accept ur advancement dat u love her?
go Should lovers share all secrets together
go Does difference in age have anything to do with love and marriage.
go How to show your love to your couple?
go Who cheat more?
go do women love harder than men?

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