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* Isn't Lyf s0 uNfair?u tUrn 0ut 2 luv sUm1 hu cUd n0t luv u juSt d samE...

OF 5 VOTES....

* but tHey wUdn't..u cRy,u fEeL bad..N u eND Up br0ken..u wana huRt tHat pErs0n,bUt u hUrt m0re n s0 much bittEr..stiL tHat peRs0n d0esn't care.. (3) %60
* but stiL U c0ntiNue loving b'c0z u h0pe thiNgs wiLL eNd up fyn, (2) %40

* Posted by: lovebert

* Adult20to30

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